About Us Rollsking Restaurant

Started in 2011 and brought to life a couple of months later with our first outlet in Noida, the journey of Rollsking from then till now has only been impassioned with our drive to produce something unparalleled for our patrons. Our founders, filled with conviction to do something big and bring food par excellence to people, started small with less finances, but with an objective clear in their minds- of serving nothing but deliciousness. To see how we fared with our hardwork and reached where we are today, only urges us to keep at it with the same conviction. With a promise to ourselves of making taste the most important factor of our rolls, we started what you today know as Rollsking.

With a wide variety of rolls that cater to all kinds of taste preferences, we take immense pride in our product and what goes into making it. At Rollsking, we give unprecedented importance to freshness and quality for all our products. It’s not just our aim, but our underlying principle. Rollsking was started with an honest and clear thought of bringing rolls, something most of us thoroughly enjoy and love to indulge in, as a pocket-friendly and a complete meal-in-itself option. But we never let the cost-effective pricing affect the hygiene and taste standards of our offerings in any way. The aim is much bigger than serving delightful rolls, it is to bring this street food as a complete family experience to all.

Extensive research and development has gone into devising recipes and finding the right mix of spices for the wide variety of rolls that you see in our menu. R&D for us is a continuous activity and the key to making rolls that are different from anything else you’ve tasted. Every bite of our roll should be an aha moment for you! To ensure utmost freshness and quality in our rolls, everything from our spices and seasonings to our dressings and kathis are prepared in-house. Our rolls are more than just rolls; each roll is a magical mix of flavours, and we believe, an experience in itself.

Rollsking cares deeply about its customers and their evolving palates. Hence, we constantly strive to improvise our recipes and bring you flavours that you relish each time. With the love we have received over the years, Rollsking is now spread across Delhi NCR, Noida and Gurgaon with multiple outlets. Our constant aim is to please each one of you with our distinctive rolls, and with this in mind we work towards first of the many restaurants where we extend our 360 degree hospitality to you by way of food prepared with love and care.